Announcing the launch of our SX Family website!

We are proud to introduce our Xecuter SX dedicated ‘mini’ site.

You can find it HERE.

This site is not meant to replace our Xecuter portal, but exists for the convenience of (future) SX (OS) users. On the mini-site you can find high resolution pictures of the SX Pro, screenshots of SX OS and our brand-new game selection menu and a basic usage guide.

The SX OS download is not available yet. It will be once we deliver the first licenses to our resellers on June 15th.

  • Activation of SX OS can be done through SX OS itself if you have WiFi configured on your Nintendo Switch.
  • If you don’t have WiFi configured you will be able to retrieve your SX OS License through our website.
  • If you purchased SX OS only you will receive a “redeem code” that you need to enter (not needed for SX Pro users).

Finally, we’d like to address some more questions that we’ve seen a lot.

  • Q: Will Switch data such as savegames and updates be shared between the OFW and SX OS? Or are both systems separated?
    Yes, SX OS and the original Switch OS share savegames and update data.
  • Q: Is it possible to play games from a External Harddrive?
    Does SX allow us to use an external disk using the docking station or USB-C port?
    This is a possibility in the future, we’ve added it to our to do list. (thanks to all users for making it already a few pages long 🙂
  • Q: Can we expect cheat codes some day?
    Cheats has always been a priority for our us. And we’ve already started looking into it.
    It takes a while to make a decent and usable cheat system, your patience will be rewarded!
  • Q: There has been a wave of bans happening lately. Does that confirm we won’t be able to play online with SX OS?
    There have indeed been a number of isolated ban incidents happening lately among some homebrew developers. The exact cause of these bans is not known as of yet.
    We are not aware of any bans due to SX OS usage. But be cautious and use online functionality at your own risk!

Thanks again to everyone who is supporting SX. We will keep you posted with updates.

Team-Xecuter, Rocking the Switch in 2018!



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