SX PRO and OS works on v5.1.0 Switch

Welcome to one of the last Team Xecuter announcement before we let the reviewers take over!

As promised, here is a new video of our latest SX OS running games and homebrew under 5.1.0. This is pretty close to what you will have in the V1.0 of SX OS. But we are still working…

As a quick fact update, during our latest tweaking before launch, we now have 10 (instead of original 5) successive boots without the opportunity to auto recharge. Standby time remains the same (approximately 1 week) and battery drainage has been dropped from 25mA to 13mA while console is awake and dongle plugged in.

  • Q: Can I play my Switch running SX OS while being docked?
    Absolutely. You just need to have it undocked when you power up your Switch to load SX OS. Once done, dock it and play for as long as you don’t completely power it off again.
  • Q: I know I’m asking too much and it’s early, (sorry) would it be possible to get Bluetooth audio (or even Bluetooth controller) support within the CFW.
    I know a lot of people would dig that on other forums (including a clean internet browser that has YouTube unblocked) if this is possible?
    If it is doable, we will try. Please read text below about such requests, you are fully entitled to request anything, we will do our best in order of user’s most wanted features.

We receive hundreds of email daily with hundreds of request/suggestions. We thank you for them. We do not reply to everyone, although most people do receive a reply, but rest assure we read them all. And we take note. We have requests for emunand, Nand back up, themable SX OS, soldered version… the list goes on!

SX OS and its affiliated products (first one being SX Pro) are a work in progress. You paid not only for a device but also for support. And we will bring it to you. Most on demand or important features will be added first, some are already being worked on as you read this, and we will take it step by step.

Thank you for the trust you placed in us, we will deliver!

Team Xecuter, Rocking the Switch in 2018!


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